No cooking? Really?

We are often asked about the 'no cooking inside caravan' restriction. Here's what it really means, and why we have it…
As our caravans are all family-oriented, it may seem odd that we say that cooking isn't allowed inside them. It may sound like an insurance restriction but thats not the case - it's basically one of things that we do to keep our caravans and campers in great condition.

We do actually allow use of the stovetops and grills, but we need them to be cleaned before return and we ask that anything that is messy, smelly, splatter etc isn't cooked inside. We have had one of our campers returned with some form of stew baked onto it, and in the early days another camper had a distinct curry smell that lingered in the fabric.

These weren't nice either for us or the people that hired it next, hence the restriction.

Remember we do provide Weber Q BBQ's with the Eagle, Flamingo and all caravans (but we do also ask that these are cleaned before return - we have more horror stories there too….)

So, if you are looking to hire from us and worried about the cooking restriction, it is fine as long as it is nothing that will leave a mess, stain or residual smell. Outside of that, go for it!

Happy hiring,

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