Keeping Warm in Winter

As we hit the first cold snap of the year, interest in keeping warm when camping increases.

There are a number of options that go beyond the snuggle & cuddle approach, all have their pros & cons and some combination will more often than not be best.

Firstly there are the absolute no-go's - which is anything that has a naked flame (inside), or anything that requires combustion, such as an LPG heater. These will produce carbon monoxide which is odourless and lethal.

Where air-conditioning is fitted (for example in our motorhomes and caravans) the AC can be run as a heater to keep things warm. This is great if you have access to 240v shore power, but the aircon is still noisy (compared to just a fan) and for many the very dry air that they produce is uncomfortable.
If you don't have shore power your AC can run off a generator, but these aren't allowed in many places and are noisy to operate, especially overnight.
There are also limitations based on the ambient temperature outside. Most caravan & motorhome AC's do not have a heating element, and so can't heat the air when it is below 5-7 Deg C.

Again reliant on a 240v supply is a simple fan heater. There are cheap, relatively quiet and quite effective.

Another option is a diesel heater. These are often permanently fitted into a caravan or motorhome, but we have just got a portable unit to try out. It requires 240v or 12v to operate (needed to power the fan & glow plug), but is completely self contained, quiet, cheap to run and very effective.
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