Why hire a caravan or camper trailer?

Camping is one of those great Australian traditions. Most grew up spending at least a few weekends sitting under canvas of some sort, and today the caravan and camping industry is a significant contributor to the economy. You can always camp on the cheap, but it can get expensive - hiring is one way to enjoy the benefits of the top end of the camping town without having to break the bank.

Caravans are expensive - if you are looking to buy new you won't get on the road with much for less than $30k, and more likely closer to $40k. The bigger you go and more features you add, obviously the quicker that figure goes up. Buying secondhand is a great option to keep the costs down but make sure you get some help if you are new to it - just like cars caravans can have hidden problems that you don't find out about until you own it.

But buying the caravan is only the beginning. You have to keep them registered for a start (which just got cheaper in NSW, thankfully), insured, and they require maintenance - brakes & bearings need regular attention, tyres wear out, and the more you use it the more 'wear & tear' items require some work (and money) - think awnings, hitches, stone guards, etc.

They also aren't very comfortable unless you kit them out. Plates, pots, pans, camp chairs & tables, hoses, power leads, the list goes on. You might be lucky and have gear already, but often thats not the case and you can end up a couple of grand more out of pocket once you've got all of the essentials. Don't start me on the non-essentials - there is an entire industry aimed solely at enticing you into buying the latest must-have gadget! Add first aid kits, GPS trackers…. its not a cheap game for the majority.

Your tow vehicle may also need some fitting out - think brake controller, weight distribution hitch, etc - in some cases you may need to buy a new car to tow that great new caravan that you bought without realising you're on the limit (or worse) weight-wise!

Aside from cost, having somewhere to store a caravan or camper can be a problem - especially as councils push anything but cars off residential streets and residential blocks get smaller.

Thats where hiring comes in - particularly if you aren't planning on using a caravan or camper for more than the family holiday each year or a few weekends away. You get to choose something that suits the car you already have, fitted out with everything you need for your holiday, and all fully maintained and insured. Calculate the cost per week of owning a van and only using it infrequently and compare it to the cost to hire a van or camper and you might be surprised.

Another group that we have seen looking to hire are those that are in the market for a new van or camper but haven't settled on what suits them. Hiring is a great way to 'try before you buy' - you'd be surprised how many people hire one style of vehicle from us thinking its what they want, only to find it isn't right for them. That would be an expensive thing to find once you had already handed over your hard-earned!

The last group that we have helped are those that were looking for spare accomodation for visiting relatives. For them, its been like a temporary extension to the house - somewhere comfortable for the in-laws to sleep, and it gets them out from under their feet when needed too!

If you are thinking about hiring we would love to help you out - or have a look at Camplify and see what is now an amazing range of caravans, campers and motorhomes. We think you are guaranteed to find something that suits you, whatever your reason for hiring!

Happy hiring, Nick

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