Horses for Courses...

We have a range of caravans and camper trailers, with different layouts, features and towing weight. How do you decide which one will suit you?

There are a couple of major deciders when it comes to deciding what to hire - how much can you tow, and how many people do you need to accomodate.

The towing weight is determined by your vehicle - every car has a legal tow capacity, and a defined maximum towball weight. The figure to look for when you are searching for something to hire is its Aggregate Trailer Mass, or ATM - that is the maximum wight of the van and the one that will be checked if you are stopped and questioned by the police! Don't rely on any of the other weights that you might see listed, such as GTM, TARE, Axle capacity, or dry weight - just know the ATM.

The towing capacity for your car will vary by brand, model and in some cases variant and sometimes even dependant on which tow package is fitted. The owners handbook may have the tow capacity listed, otherwise there should be a compliance plate on the tow bar itself. If in doubt call in to your dealer and ask them to confirm for you.

When you hire from us we will always ask you what your tow vehicle is and confirm that you have sufficient capacity to legally tow your holiday.

The number of berths in a caravan or camper is a little more flexible. There are fixed beds obviously, but then some have converting lounge areas or dinettes that can create another bed. These are often not full size though, and more suited to children. If the van or camper has an annex with enclosed walls theres also the option to put camp stretchers in there, and in summer the teenagers are often happy to sleep under stars (but often not far away) in a swag.

Your choice of caravan or camper might also be influenced by where you are going. We have one camper that is fine to take a little further offroad than the others, and a couple that have been to places like Fraser Island, but some just aren't suitable for that kind of trip. All of them are however equally at home in National Parks (check the site has caravan or camper access) or caravan parks. The key here is what they have to support 'free camping' - usually a solar panel(s) charging a deep cycle battery; a fridge that will run off gas or a 12v compressor fridge, and a water tank or tanks. All of our fleet is fitted out for free camping.

Beyond that, have a look at the other features. Some of our vehicles don't have a hot water system fitted, but for many that's not important. You can also pick something with or without air-conditioning but only consider it if you will have access to 240v power or a generator - they don't run on 12v!

We are always happy to help work out which van or camper is best for your trip - drop us an email at or send us an enquiry through our Camplify listings.

Happy hiring


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