Tonight, on A Current Affair

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4f11Lauren Golman and a crew from Channel 9's ACA came to visit us today

Yesterday(!) we had a call from our friends at Camplify - any conversation that starts with 'what are you doing tomorrow morning…' is usually either really good or really not… this one turned out to be great!

ACA were running a segment on the sharing economy, and as well as Uber and Airbnb wanted to include Camplify. We own and manage all of our own caravans, but we list them through Camplify and all of our bookings go through them. Its great for us as we get lots of visibility, and they handle the financial transactions. There are now thousand of caravans, campers and motorhomes of every size and description available to hire - it is a fantastic service.


The ACA team wanted to show some caravans and have a chat about what hiring entails, and the benefits for an owner. So, this morning we had a caravan pulled out and staged ready for them. On the way the producer called and mentioned that if we had more caravans to show it would be great to have them out as well - so the scramble began! Luckily our caravans and campers are pretty easy to setup (obvious plug sorry) so by the time they arrived we had a 21' Jayco Silverline, Jayco Eagle, Jayco Flamingo and Jayco Starcraft all ready to go. They crew were also a quick setup - 20 minutes after they arrived Lauren was ready to interview Kathryn (an aside here - it is incredibly impressive to see a journalist prepare, practise and deliver a piece to camera without writing anything down and without fumbling it - Lauren was a real professional!).

(Another aside here - the evening before Lauren had been on ACA chasing a guy down the street asking him about some male strippers he had been paid to arrange but hadn't delivered… talk about variety!)

An hour later and we had filmed in all of the vans, done a couple of interviews, and got enough material for the crew. Other than one minor incident (try stepping backwards out of a caravan carrying a shoulder held camera and NOT bump your head!) it had all gone well, and the crew packed up and headed off to the next job.


Happy hiring,

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